Monday, October 01, 2012

Book 13 of 2012 -- Evolution Of the Word

A few weeks ago I saw that this book was now available.  And I resisted for almost a week before I bought it.  (one of the dangers of an e-reader is that it is oh so much easier to buy books).

In the end there was very little here that you would not pick up from other Borg books.  And half the text in the book is in fact the text of the New Testament books--text that is really quite easy for most of us to access after all.  The difference of course is the order that the books are in.  Also Borg gives an introduction to each book, which at the least includes an explanation for why he has placed that book in that part of his chronology.  But there is also some background to many of the books, and some commentary on the content.  Interestingly Borg, even while acknowledging that it is a minority opinion (whereas for most of the other books he claims to be going with the consensus/majority of scholarship), places Luke-Acts as very late, post 100 CE, one of the latest books to be written.

Overall it was a worthwhile book to get.  But, as I said, no earth-shattering new revelations (even the late date for Luke-Acts is something I heard suggested when I was in seminary and so was not new to me).

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