Saturday, October 06, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

It is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada.  And so I decided it really was time to finish off the garden (well almost, we still have 2 tomato plants [which are really full of tomatoes] in the front flower bed to deal with -- anyone out there want some tomatoes????).  So this morning I went out and dug the potatoes.  Normally we dig them around Labour Day but this year we left them, other than a couple hills we dug and ate earlier:
 Lesson learned:  when you leave them in the ground that long potatoes can get REALLY BIG!  some of them are big enough to be a meal for us with one spud.

Here are the 3 biggest (or at least 3 of the biggest) beside a pair of gloves for comparison purposes:

I also finished off the carrots (which we had been digging as we used them thus far):

And I knew this already but sometimes garden carrots take on some really odd shapes:



  1. I think those carrots in the last photo are worthy of a sermon illustration...somehow!!!

  2. Thank you. I'd love some garden tomatoes. :-)

  3. My uncle raised about 3 to 10 acres of potatoes, part of every fall was picking up taters!!! Those are some whoppers!!!