Friday, October 31, 2014

Book 14 of 2014 -- You Are Here

As commander of the International Space Station a while back Canadian Chris Hadfield made quite a splash. Many people followed his Twitter account.  He recorded a song with the Bare Naked Ladies.  He was, in Canada at least, a raving success.

Since arriving back on terra firma Hadfield has turned out to be an author as well.  I someday intend to read An Astronaut's Guide To Life On Earth.  Recently I herd him being interviewed on the radio about a book of pictures he had taken while on the ISS. Today while grocery shopping I saw it and so we picked it up.

Then after lunch I sat down and looked through the whole book.  I will look through it again.  The book is broken down by continent and Hadfield gives some commentary on each picture.   I think it is a great book to find in many living rooms.  And also a great book to be in school classrooms and church libraries.  It helps us to see the world differently...

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