Friday, October 02, 2015

Friday Five....Books

Each week the RevGalBlogPals post a Friday Five.  Haven't done one for eons.  Thought I would this week:

Share with us some of your favorites:
A cookbook One of my favourites is a volume put together by the congregation where I attended during seminary. They called it "Grosvenor Does Gourmet"
A novel Lord of the Rings, one I first read in Grade4/5 and have read MANY times since.  (and the movies are no where near as good as the books)
A nonfiction book Hmmmm, hard to name a favourite here.
A well-thumbed book to which you turn often, or with affection, used in our profession well there is the Bible....most of the reading I return to frequently now is online.
An author you recommend frequently to others Not an author but a book...Free of Charge by Miroslav Volf
Bonus: what are you reading now? Working my way through Les Miserables


  1. Anonymous2/10/15 15:19

    Yeah...LOTR...excellent choice.


  2. oh my, Les Mis. So many digressions about Waterloo, so little time... ;-)

    Good play!