Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Book 8 of 2018 --Greening Your Church

In mid summer I went to NAINConnect 2018 in Edmonton. One of the workshops I attended at the event was looking at environmental issues. This was one of the books they had available as possible resources for faith communities to use in such discussions. Knowing that I was going to do a series of sermons in September to mark Creation Time I decided I would get the book.  ANd then I read in late August as part of my preparation for those sermons.

The book comes from a Roman Catholic source, which explains why there is a section in the first chapter about Creation-minded saints. But on the whole it speaks to the broader Christian community. It talks about the theological underpinnings of a Creation Care ministry and also includes some practical steps one can use for such a ministry.

It is a short little volume. It has some good ideas and some good understandings. Of course the real trick is translating the concepts into a sermon... which was a bit of a challenge at times.

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