Friday, October 13, 2006

A COmforting Friday 5

(From RGBP)

1. Comfort beverage Hot Chocolate with a touch of mint. (It is a cold snowy day here).
2. Comfort chair Well our recliner is broken :( So we are limited to couch or love seat. But I generally stretch out on the couch anyway. (IT isn't a chair and so doesn't count for the question but a nice warm tub can't be beat lots of times)
3. Comfort read This one varies. It really depends on my mood.
4. Comfort television/DVD/music Hmmmmmmmm, this too depends on my mood.
5. Comfort companion(s) Surrounded by my girls and the dog, what else? Of course such comfort companions aren't always quiet and relaxing :)


  1. sounds like your comfort companions could be rather lively... but who said comfort should be static???

  2. Hot chocolate is popular today!

  3. Oooo... Hot Chocolate with MINT. What a fab idea....