Monday, October 16, 2006

NO Matter What Happens, I have Done SOmething!

Started this morning to do some early Advent Planning. ANd I have found a Candle liturgy (in Gathering -- the "Two-Minute Advent Candle Lighting"--sorry to say but it appears that the liturgy is only available for those who get the magazine. Darn the luck (although it does help keep the subscriber base up).) to use and the liturgy gave me provisional sermon ideas. Here Are the titles thus far:
  • December 3: Look For the Signs! (this title may get adapted after I next listen to Dead Dog in the City to match their sayings at the end)
  • December 10: Wake Up, Wash Up (using the Malachi text as the base)
  • December 17: Christmas Pageant Yet to be determined
  • December 24 (am): Presents and Presence (a look at gifts)
  • December 31: Endings, Beginnings, Resolutions (using the New Year's readings in the Lectionary)
  • January 7: God Revealed (Epiphany story -- not going to do Baptism of Jesus this year)

Of course this still leaves the looming question of what to do on Christmas Eve... BUt then again, it is only mid-October.

(ADD: THis afternoon I completed until the end of this page on my planner. WEll other than the big service.)


  1. I met with our worship committee this past week to do Advent planning. We're doing the "two-minute candle liturgy" as well! I really like it. I went to seminary with the woman that wrote it, so that's kind of special too.

    We actually managed to choose hymns for the season as well, which I prefer to do as a group, rather than on my own.

    You're way ahead of me on the sermons though!! I'll have to check out the new radio program you linked to - it sounds good.

  2. Man are you ahead. Bravo. I have got the sermon texts down but not the candle lighting, so I think I'll head on over there and check them out.

  3. Hey Gordo, How do you access the two minute candle lighting liturgy from the Gathering website or is it in the subscribed magazine?

    And I forgot to say that my worship committee voted to have one service that Sunday with communion. They figured everyone would be traveling.

  4. It appears that it is only for those who get the magazine. Darn the luck (although it does help keep the subscriber base up).

  5. There are free advent wreath meditations available at