Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Might have to buy this one

In tonight's paper (front of section B) there was an article about this book. It looks like it would be worth a look.

The article talked about the author realizing how stressed out he was at the length of time it took him to dial on a rotary phone (remember those?) while on vacation and that was a wake up call for him.

Among his tips in the article (can't find it through Google thus far):
  • slow down: Ask yourself, what's my hurry?
  • Don't multi-task inefficiently: Give one task your full attention
  • DO what matters to you most

The article also told of a woman whose company provided a BlackBerry so she could always be in touch--and how much more relaxed she became when she changed jobs to a place that didn't do so (after getting over the addiction to the constant communication).

Oh, yes, I think that will be part of my 2007 reading.

1 comment:

  1. You know, I could use a book like this one. A while back I signed up for a yoga class and found the movements incredibly frustrating - because the instructor kept asking us to HOLD the pose. I was impatient. I wanted her to move from one thing to the next waaaaay more quickly.

    Yes. I need this book.