Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I DOn't Get It...

I was just checking teh election results over at Reflectionary and I am confused.

Earlier there were states marked as won by Obama that had barely closed polls and had no precincts reporting. NOw there are states marke as won by Obama (at least I assume that is what the big green checkmark and colouring the state blue means) with very few precincts reporting and McCain in the lead so far:
EG: as of 9:45 EST-- NEw Mexico shows 3% of precincts reporting, Obama at 42% and McCain at 57% yet it is called for Obama
THis makes no sense. Didn't we learn in 2000 that calling states on the basis of exit polls was rather risky? And how on earth can you call the state for a person who is trailing in the actual counted votes? (Not to mention that you really should wait for at lest a quarter of the ballots to be counted unless the difference is over 20 percentage points)

ANd people wonder why US election coverage seems to breed rivalry and discord.

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