Thursday, November 20, 2008

Well Worth a REad

I just finished this book.

It is an interesting study of the Trinity in relationship terms, of the nature of human relationship with God (and vice versa), of healing from tragedy and guilt. There are parts of the theology that I would agree with. There are parts that I would argue with. But that is the nature of a good book isn't it?

I would love to read and discuss this book in a group setting. Maybe I will suggest it as a study here. Maybe it would be a good book for the RGBP to discuss????

At the end there is mention that some want to make this into a movie. I sure hope they don't. The beauty of this book is that it allows you to see it for yourself. A movie will merely literalize it. Mind you a big part of me honestly wishes they never made Lord of the Rings into a movie. Good books deserve a better fate than to be movie-ized (no matter how well done the movie). I also wonder what the Star Wars epic would have been like had it been a book first...

Or maybe I am just old-fashioned and biased towards the movie my mind makes while reading a good book :)


  1. I just read it too Gord. And passed it along to our colleague on the Lakeshore. She's enjoying it as well.

    I would love to do a book study on it. At first I thought - oh no, here we go again with ancient worn-out theology, but it got better as I read more of it.

  2. I hear Elasigirl is reading it too.