Saturday, November 15, 2008

That Was Fun! --------NOT!

About 30 minutes ago Beloved and I are sitting in the living room and suddenly hear a loud CRASH from the bathroom.

Princess had decided she wanted to look in the mirror and so had climbed up onto the diaper pail. Said pail either then spilt down the side and fell or fell and split open. Water all over the closet called a bathroom (6 ft by 6 ft, tub included). Water running out onto the hardwood hall floor (another good reason not to have carpeting :) ).

WE throw some towels down to stop the water running everywhere and get it all sopped up. THen take them down and start the washing machine and then wash the floor. Luckily there were few diapers in the pail and no really poopy ones! And as it happens the floor was desperately in need of washing.


  1. Actually, I'm hardly one to talk. I cleaned up cat barf after supper.

  2. ain't life grand??!!

    Ah, The adventures kids lead us on ... gives you a story to use 20 years from now as you toast Princess on her wedding day with the wish: "I HOPE you have children like you ..." and regale all assembled with the tale!!