Sunday, January 31, 2010

Things that make you say Hmmmmmm

AT our COngregational Annual Meeting today we set aside time for some visioning talk.  In groups folks were asked to discuss these questions:
What I like most about being part of RUC is…
Why are we here? What are we all about?
If RUC were to disappear tomorrow what would people (both RUC folks and A. in general) notice...
After discussion time they reported back.  WE still need to compile all the answers on the sheets but one that was interesting came in response to the last question.  THe group suggested that the community may not miss us as much as they should.  The Board Chair then suggested that maybe we could/should ask ourselves why that might be.

THe BOard will be working with the answers we got todayy and doing some visioning stuff this Spring (at least I hope so.  But that answer really got me thinking and wondering.  I think it may be a starting point....


  1. Good questions, Gord, which I may use in future if you don't mind. Two questions though... What is RUC? And A?

  2. RUC=the church itself
    A=the town

  3. Sounds like a productive meeting Gord!