Sunday, January 31, 2010

You Know I Love 'Em But....

Sometimes they say the darndest (and not helpful) things.

For children's time this morning I thought I'd talk about what the church does.  The only kids were our 3 but I had no back up story so off we go.

AS part of it I decided to use the finger rhyme "Here is the church...".  The girls know this rhyme, they have done it many times before.

Eldest was in a shy mood and saying nothing.  So when I got to the end of the rhyme I turned to the youngest for help.  "Open the door and see all the..."

Without a moment's pause she called out, at the top of her lungs "FINGERS!" and the whole congregation broke up.

After church, during lunch, I did it with her again.  This time (of course) she quietly said "people".  But not when others were listening.  SOme days you gotta wonder why you don't just read a story.

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