Monday, February 18, 2013

My Family Day "Surprise"

The day got off to a nice start.  Both Patty and I had a nice slow start to the day (I think we got up to stay around 9:30).  The girls were not yet fighting with each other.  The only hiccup was that the promised swim at the Eastlink Center was not happening because they did not open till noon (when the Family Day celebrations were going to start and the place would likely be a madhouse).

There were 2 quick tasks I needed to do at the church.  So the Scalliwag and I headed over to do those, then we would meet the rest of the family at the sliding hill.

Got to the church to find my office door, which I had closed when leaving yesterday (and thought I had locked--apparently had not) was standing open.  Strange.  Then on the floor in my office was a key to the exterior doors of the building.  Stranger still.  Then I notice that the connecting door to the secretary's office is also open and the door from her office to the hallway is ajar (both of which were also closed when I last saw them).  Stranger yet.  Then I go into the other office and see that the desk has been thouroughly searched.  File drawers are open, contents (and faceplate) of one drawer on the floor, cabinet doors left open.  And it is obvious what has happened.

So I call the RCMP.  Then I call the Council chair.  And while waiting for them to arrive Scalliwag and I take a quick walk around of the building (several times while waiting in fact -- think I was working off nervous energy?).  As best as I can tell only the offices were touched.  Looking around some more I determine that the only thing that appears to be missing is (our own, family) LCD projector that was in my office to use for a study group starting tomorrow.

Council chair arrives, Patty arrives to pick up the child (since I am obviously busy for a while) and we continue to wait.  Finally the RCMP phone for more details and ask me to take a statement to the detachment tomorrow.  A little disappointed that they are not coming over but really what would they do besides look at was I described (and pictures have been taken).  SO I sit down to do what I first went over to do and to start writing out a statement.  All will be well in the end, this I know.  The church/insurance will replace the projector.  The secretary's desk drawers will be repaired or replaced.  And it is only stuff.  This is why we never keep cash in the building.

But it is unsettling.  When we were first walking around Scalliwag said "this is creepy".  And I was trying to not let it be.  After all it was a crime of opportunity, someone had found a dropped (and labelled--that will stop when keys are given out after this) key, let him/herself into the building and went looking for cash or items that could easily become cash and then left.  Oddly none of the office computer equipment in the offices (monitors, towers, speakers) were touched.  My guess is that a projector in a case with arm strap was easier to carry.  But then this evening when I went back to print out the statement so I can take it over in the morning I realized how unsettling the residue was.  With time it will fade of course...

And we remember the words of Julian.  All will be well, all will be well, all manner of thing be well.

February 19 ADDENDUM:
Turns out that the key which was found is one that had been in the secretary's desk.  Which means access was gained some other way.  Since there is no sign of damage to the doors our best guess is that someone came in while the AA group was meeting downstairs.  Which means we may have to rethink procedures about doors being left unlocked while meetings are happening in the basement.  Which makes things more difficult for those groups...

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  1. maybe more difficult, but worth the xtra effort - perhaps someone on standby to allow entries & provide welcome?
    so sorry for this extra hiccup in the journey.. certainly ties in with today's Fri5 !