Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What Story Do We Have to Tell????

Two days ago I preached this sermon.  The title is The Church in the World: Witness & Testimony.

It is always interesting to preach a sermon on evangelism in the United Church of Canada.  It is not a subject we broach all that often.  And yet...

How can we not be evangelistic?  If we truly believe there is something valuable about the church in our lives, how can we not be evangelists?

I think it starts with remembering that being an evangelist does not require us to become a copy of Billy Graham's Crusade or the Crystal Cathedral.  Being an evangelist means sharing good news.  ANd if we think there is something of value in a faith community does that not mean we have good news we can share?

In the rest of our lives, as I pointed out in the sermon, we share good news all the time.  Why is it harder when the content of the good news is why church is a part of our lives?

What is the story of faith you have to tell?  What is the good news you have to share?  HOw do you share it?

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