Wednesday, February 07, 2007

WHat's Up With That???

Oldest child is eligible for Junior Kindergarten next year. And she will love it, that we know (I still have reservations about 4 year-olds being ready for half time schooling--or 5 year-olds for full time-- just not sure it is developmentally appropriate but that is another rant).

This mornign the Catholic School was having an observation day so mom and daughter went over. THe one big reason we may use this school is that it is literally just down the block and therefore easier to walk to. NOw here's the kicker. ALthough I walked there in under 5 minutes our children would be eligible to be bussed to that school unitl they are 7. Even better, when we suggest that we think it important that the kids walk to school people ask "why would you make them walk? THe bus will come right by and pick them up"

In related news...childhood obesity rates in North America are soaring. Nah, that couldn't be related could it???


  1. It's called Prevention of Liability Actions. Travelling by bus reduces the odds that something may happen to your child while on the way to and from school. While you may not gratuitously sue the school board in the event of something happening, the school board is probably playing things very, very safe. can't blame them, really.

  2. Our youngest was not quite 5 when he started kindergarten. At first it showed, he wanted to just play and have fun. Luckily, he had a teacher that understood that and he caught up by the end of the year and the next year he was the same as the other kids who were ,some, a year older. it is hard to put them out there in the world, though.