Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wonder How This Will Work...

This Sunday the sermon is talking about Emerging Spirit and Wonder Cafe.

IT seemed inappropriate to only do this topic orally so I have arranged to borrow a projector and use the PowerPoint. The slides are very basic, and the bulletin is done as per usual as well so people will have the choice of which to read. All the ads from the campaign will be shown (that may be a mistake) and we will look at the website. First time PowerPoint has been used in worship here.

Wonder what the reaction will be?? Mind you it isn't like I rearranged the chairs or something drastic like that.

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  1. Anonymous2/3/07 06:06

    In our study group, we talked about the ads. Nancy's comment was tat in the power point they lokked interesting, but in the context of a commercial magazine, they looked appropriate.