Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Struggle Continues

The Anglican Church of Canada has released a Pastoral Statement on the question of Same Sex Marriage. THe most relevant part reads:

We certainly hope no child is denied baptism solely on the basis of the sexual orientation, or the marital status, of the parents. It is inconsistent and unacceptable to deny baptism to children as a way of imposing discipline on the sexual behaviour of the parents.
We hope no baptized Christian will be denied communion or confirmation because of being in a committed homosexual relationship or because of their marital status. ...
BUt then reads:

When a civilly married gay or lesbian couple seeks our church's reception of their civil marriage and asks their parish's recognition, it may be possible, with their bishop's knowledge and permission, to celebrate a Eucharist with the couple, including appropriate intercessory prayers, but not including a nuptial blessing.
When a gay or lesbian married or committed couple seeks to hold a reception or celebration in a church for their life in Christ, again intercessory prayers for their mutual fidelity, the deepening of their discipleship and for their baptismal ministry may be offered, not including the exchange of vows and/or a nuptial blessing.
It appears to be yet another attempt to walk a middle ground on this terribly divisive issue. As such it will please nobody, certainly not either extreme. It may be "politically wise" but since when does the church have to be politically wise?

I encourage you to read the statement in full and pray that when the General Synod meets the Holy Spirit will be acting within the body and calling teh church to do what they truly feel is faithful.

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