Sunday, May 27, 2007

Well now...

SO the sermon is done. Not a great one, needed to be a bit more focussed. But Pentecost has come and gone for another year--and I don;t have to come up with a sermon for two weeks!

Next week in the Conference AGM (bulletin for that is already done, using a service provided by the United Church Observer) so I am not here. Then the week after that the sermon time will be a joint report from COnference (got the bulletin for that service done this afternoon).

And got the lawns cut after supper. THe lawn was a little on the damp side (so the mower needs a cleaning big time) but it really needed to be done before we leave town on Wednesday.

Now I just need to figure out what to do for a devotional at the long-term care wing tomorrow morning. Generally I start with a story or two and hope that I hit a topic that gets them telling stories/sharing memories.

And I am pondering preparing a proposal for the Conference annual meeting. I want to raise the issue of a Gauranteed Annual Income but to do that properly will take far more time then I have between now and then. Of course I could always bring forward the motion around COnference Executive that was roundly defeated at February's PResbytery meeting--rejig it a bit and present it to the COnference as a whole.

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