Saturday, June 09, 2007

Gotta Remember This

Went down earlier to move laundry into the dryer. Saw something clinging to the side of the washer drum that looked like soap suds so I leaned in to check.

It seems that a pull-up had gotten mixed into the laundry. My word but those things have a LOT of gel in them. After tossing the clothes into the sink and shaking them out and rewashing them they were fine. BUt there must have been a couple cups of gel that I scooped out of the sink after shaking the clothes off.

Note to self, make sure girls pyjama pants don't have pull-ups still inside when washing...


  1. No kidding, NO pullups in the wash.

    I think there is a joke in here somewhere...

  2. Wow. I'm glad I never overlooked a pull up! My washing machine is tempermental, anyway, and it likely would have quit working on me in protest. :)

  3. I guess you can file that under "Live and Learn."