Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Random Bits of Miscellenea

  1. So I have almost recovered from the weekend. Actually the weekend wasn't bad -- it was the 14 hour bus ride starting at 5 in the morning on Thursday followed by the 12 hour return trip ending at 2 in the morning SUnday/Monday that did the wearing out. You can see a summary statement of the meeting here.
  2. WHat is it about suggesting that one year in three we dont have a COnference Meetig that people find so offensive??????
  3. Found a neat new blog this morning. IT's called Church Redone. CHeck out the post about 10 Ways to Keep Me from Discovering Your Church
  4. The church's More Voices CDs have arrived!!! WE have listened to selected cuts and the girls loved it.
  5. the grass is growing WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY too fast
  6. In the mail yesterday I got the letter about the 20 year reunion of my high school class. We won't be going, seeing as it is half way across the country and in like 4 weeks (the letter had to be forwarded to me from my parents--it was actually mailed mid April {which still seems a little late for a first mailing}) It hardly seems like 10 years since we had our last "reunion" (that one was really only a night out at the bar). But it gave an excuse to look at the old yearbook and do some remembering.


  1. Church Redone has a bad link, Gord--couldn't open it.

  2. THanks PEter, I shall check into it.

  3. Link is fixed. I had .org instead of .com

  4. Hm. Wonder why it's .com...