Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I DOn't Get IT

This afternoon a CD arrived in the mail. On it were pictures and other items from last summer's 20th reunion of my high school class.

Looking at the pictures from the party I was struck by 2 thoughts. One was how I would have liked to have been there and join in the fun. The other was who are these people?

Not just not recognizing them--some had changed greatly and some looked practically the same. BUt it was the names that didn't look remotely familiar. I know its been 20 years and my grad class was bigger than the whole high school here, and I certainly wasn't close with all (or even most) of my class mates but still shouldn't I recognize the names???

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  1. The short answer in early middle age, having settled + been married+ children: no.

    This is normalcy. It only gets more more normal.