Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Perils of Interactive Children

THis morning at Children's time we start by talking about how everyone is unique/different. THEn we talked about things people had in common.

Then a brief discussion about Paul writing to the Corinthians and division/unity.

THen I talk about how we are all part of one big family. WHose family would that be? IT starts with G. Who do we talk about in church? G...

ELdest PK answers: "JEsus" General laughter. ANd she was of course right.

NOt just JEsus but remember at Christmas we said JEsus was teh son of...
"Earth" (also a valid theological statement but not wher I was going)

FInally middle PK follows the (by this time very blatant) hints and sounds daddy is giving and say "God".

THis is why I usually just tell/read a story.

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  1. PKs - notoriously entertaining. I know - I live with one.