Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Because this isn't a liturgically important week...

APart from planning for Friday (ecumenical walk in the morning, worship in the evening) and Sunday observances here are the other bookings for my week:

Monday (yesterday): Hospital Board meeting in the morning, pre-marriage visit and Dentist appointment in the afternoon
Tuesday: Trustees meeting this morning, regular afternoon visit to seniors center
Wednesday: Hospital Board meeting, regular evening Faith Study
THursday: Palliative Care team meeting at noon

Good thing I got much of the Sunday worship prep done last week...


  1. Your trustees set a meeting for Holy Week? Holy moly...

  2. Well we haven't had one for a while. ANd there were issues out of th Annula that needed Trustee input and with the drains last week it was timely.

    But really, back in February when we set the date, I didn't realize it was holy week until afterward.

    My bad.