Wednesday, March 26, 2008


While planning worship on Monday I decided to talk about images of resurrection over teh next couple of weeks. Since spring thaw was well started (as evidenced by the lake at the foot of the driveway) I decided that this Sunday we would talk about seeds/bulbs growing out of the frozen ground. THe children's time will include planting seeds (in little cups) and everything...

WHat happened?

Monday night--3 inches of snow. OK, not totally unusual for March and wet wet snow that will melt fairly quickly once Spring-like weather returns.

This morning? Another inch of snow and this is not wet spring snow but light fluffy, big flakes like one would see in December. ANd a forecast low of -20 C tonight.

I should know better. In past years whenever we sang "As the sun with Longer Journey" (words are found here) during Lent the days immediately preceding that Sunday were marked by a cold snap.

Apparently I have the magical liturgical ability to control the weather!

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