Saturday, March 01, 2008

This is Troubling

This story hit the news this week:

Bill C-10, an omnibus bill now before the Senate, includes provisions in the Income Tax Act that would allow the federal government to deny tax credits for films that are offensive or not in the public interest.

Now I will admit that questionable content choices can (are) made by film-makers. ANd I will agree that there can be a legitimate debate about whether or not tax credits to the film industry are a good idea. But this proposal has strong overtones of censorship.

Who decides what is offensive? Who determines what constitutes the public interest? And why should the film industry have to support Judeo-Christian moral principles to recieve public support?

This is a bill that deserves some more "sober second thought".


  1. I agree entirely Gord. Who decides what is in the public interest? What are their criteria? I hope they take a closer look at this one.

  2. Anonymous2/3/08 01:26

    Gord, thank you so much for responding!

    There was word late Saturday night the Senate will be sending this back to committe. We can hope this information is true and we'll hear more the beginning of the week. Rumour is unions and guilds are going to be able to speak to the committee. Will keep you posted.

    I appreciate your posting, and I hope you were able to write your Senator.
    Blog on!

    Bene D