Friday, March 21, 2008

What if you held a service...

and nobody came?

Thus was our Good Friday service this evening. 1 person came, so we visited a bit and then left.

Mind you many of those who likely would have come out tonight took part in the Ecumenical wlak this morning. ANd the last couple of times we have done an evening service there have been life 4. (LAst year was more because it was a morning service with the walk following)

Well a restful evening it is then...


  1. That's unfortunate Gord, as I'm sure you did some prep for that worship.

    We had a shared "north-end UCC" worship for Good Friday. It went well, I thought. Attendance was fairly good, but if each church had done its own service, each one would have been sparsely attended.

    Good Friday - not as popular as Easter. Despite my repeated assertion that Easter loses its gloss if you don't encounter the Good Friday experience, folks just stay home. *sigh*

  2. I managed 11 (including the musicians and me) for a noontime service. It's just not part of the usual practice of most people anymore, is it?