Sunday, October 26, 2008

One of these things is just like the other....

About 10 days ago Beloved and I were looking at pictures of a church. Suddenly there was a picture of the chancel area and I had to look twice.

IT was identical to the chancel area of the church where I did my internship. Not similar. Identical. I could look at the picture and describe what was just outside the frame. Then I looked carefully at the exterior shot and got out a history of my internship congregation. Basic structure of the building also the same.

But when you looked more carefully this was less surprising. Both are century(ish) buildings. Both were Presbyterian congregations in small farming communities. They both even had the same name. It stands to reason that there were a few buildings with common plans built in the same era.

Still it was uncanny.


  1. I have a theory that they were basically boilerplate construction (virtually identical plans), and that it was all the subsequent additions that made them both unique and terribly challenging to navigate through...

  2. Depending on the additions. THe additions to my internship charge were very straight forward. Not warrenish at all. Unlike some of the large city churches we both know of.

    But yeah I think you are right. Last night I heard of another prairie church that was very similar construction.