Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why ALL of it?????

One of the actions that national governments are taking (and being pressured to take) in reaction to the Global Credit Crunch/Economic Disorder is to insure the full balances of all bank accounts.


I can understand insuring a certain amount, a base that safeguards all people. But why 100%?

If you have bank accounts of half a million pounds (as one story from Britain I saw talked about) why does it ALL need to be guaranteed? I see the role of these insurances to ensure people have enough to live on, not to protect their wealth.

By all means insure some. By all means we can debate what the threshold should be. But those who have many times more than the threshold can afford to take a risk. And let us be honest, most people's bank accounts are well below even a modest threshold.

Or maybe my socialist tendencies are showing?

ETA: Currently in Canada the CDIC insures up to $100 000 That seems like more than enough of a cushion.

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