Monday, March 02, 2009

It's the little things....

...that make all the difference.

Since the water was turned off on Saturday (see previous post) we have had no running water until half hour ago. Who knew that water from the tap could be so exciting???

IT was alright for 2 days. We had water in jugs for eating/drinking and a tub full of snow melting for the toilet. (Have you ever realized how dirty clean white snow is when it melts??? Take it from me, don't eat snow clean or otherwise)

Mind you we have a church kitchen full of dishes from the funeral lunch today that need washing yet.

But my how the little things count (like going to the pool for a quick shower last night).

We will still have a hole in the street until tomorrow and a mud puddle until they get it paved in the summer. But we have running water!!!!


  1. Anonymous3/3/09 01:45

    Our water is going to be off tomorrow for most of the day.

    Ready for it, and prepared if it takes longer than expected.

    Interesting when something we are so used to is gone isn't it?

    Bene D

  2. I remember a gentleman who moved into a house with running water (hot and cold) for the first time in his 80's ... he was DELIGHTED with the convenience and reflected on what an amazing gift it is to have running water (not running outside mind you) ... since then I've given thanks everytime I turn on the tap ... your story just underscores it Gord.

  3. It is kind of like how you constantly flip a light switch when entering a room--even thouugh you know the power is off. Hope it is all resolved soon.