Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stewardhip Series with a Difference

This month I am working on a sermon series on Stewardship.

But it is a series with a difference. We are going to talk about stewardship for a month and none of the sermons are going to be the "why you should give money to the church" sermon. WHy is that?

Do we not need the money? OF course we do. But the people who are there every Sunday already know that. To give them that sermon is preaching to the choir. But there is something more.

Stewardship is NOT about why we should give money to the church. Stewardship is about choices about how we live our lives, choices about what we do with the gifts we have been given. If those choices lead us to give to a specific church or other charity so be it. But as a community of faith we need to talk about larger issues than our own survival.

OF course the matter of our own survival needs to be talked about, and taught about, too. But not this month.

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