Saturday, August 26, 2006

Holiday Reading

I brought lots of reading material with me. BUt I have been told that the next book I should read is The Book of Mary. THe author taught me English in Grade 9 (and gave me the gift of an F on the second trimester report card -- truly it was a gift in many ways). It is apparently a rather non-traditional look at MAry's story (blasphemous at times was my father's description -- mind you the acknowledgments name one of our former moderators and his partner). More details and impressions after I have read it.


  1. Anonymous27/8/06 21:19

    you got an F in ENGLISH? You're such a good writer!

  2. It had far less to do with skill or ability and far far more to do with the total lack of completed work.

    THe gift was that it woke me up to the need to at least do the homework assignments that were to be handed in for marks. After that I was an honour student throughout high school.