Wednesday, August 09, 2006

WOrds Matter

HEre it is, still two days till the weekly Saturday Sermon Party but I am getting an early start on my angst.

I had some opening thoughts on Monday on what I would do with this week's Ephesians reading but as I re-read them tonight I thought "that won't work". I have nothing else there. So maybe I would do some thinking out-loud about the future and what it might hold. Talk about the need for us a congregation to do some serious goal-setting and visioning. Important stuff, but for a summer crowd? THe General Council recap planned for the Sunday I return from holidays precludes doing a GC preview this week. What to do.

Then I re-read the passage again, trying to find a sermon. And it hits me -- words matter. If we are going to be imitators of GOd words matter. It is still abotu transformation. It is still about our call to remember that we are Imago Dei. But we can focus, for this week, on the fact that words matter. Our angry words matter. Our hopefull words matter. Our words can build up or break down. Words matter. Maybe that is the first two and the last two things I say on Sunday. WORDS MATTER.

PS: and in the end it ties in to goal setting and visioning too. How we talk about the future helps to shape it and our expectations of/reactions to it. Words Matter.

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