Wednesday, August 02, 2006

What Does the Future Hold?

I have found myself thinking a lot about the future the last couple days (which is a little odd for me). In part this is likely due to my preparation for this Sunday's sermon (where, as noted below, I am talking about possible Adult CE ideas for the Fall/Winter). And in part it is because I have just finalized arrangements to do a retreat while out West at the end of the month.

But I think that the real reason is what lies beneath both of those. I have been here for five years (five very full years seeing as I arrived single--hadn't even met my Dear One--and childless). And now there is the voice asking "Now what?" "Where do we go from here?"

Where do we go from here? What is the path that is best professionally and personally for me? What is the path that the congregation needs to walk down to find hope and abundance? HOw do those paths match and/or diverge?

The quest for new life, new zest led me to look seriously at CE possibilites for the new season. It also led me, knowing that there is a retreat house a few blocks from where my parents live, to try something new. I go on retreat to help sort out the questions of the future. I go on retreat to recenter myself in the faith, and to look for a path. The path may be another 5 years here, time to try new things, time to work on the only kind of church growth that matters, time to help be a force in a community seeking/needing resurrection. Or the path may be one that says "move on". Right now I am not sure. I truly am not sure. Both paths have fearfulness lurking in their shadows. But a new path needs to come. THe future always calls us forward.

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