Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Study, Study, What to Study...

This week I am musing about growing in faith as I prepare a sermon. Part of growing in faith is of course, faith study. But in many congregations the majority of people don't take part in church-sponsored study opportunities. What does this say? How do we encourage more to take part? I honestly believe that the only type of church growth that matters is the quality of our faith, of our walk with God. How do we deepen that relationship?

The faith we share both is and is not the faith "of our fathers, living still". It is and is not the faith we picked up as children. But if, as many do within the UCCan, we treat confirmation classes as "graduation from Sunday School" aren't we dropping the ball?

THis Sunday I am going to talk about possible adult CE for the Fall/Winter. One idea is a study on the Lord's Prayer. For January onward I am wavering between suggesting Living the Questions of Experiencing the Heart of Christianity. ANyone out there done those? How did you like them? My hope also is that the act of study can reawaken a sense of vision and purpose that leads to a revitalized sense of hope for the congregation.

When we focus on growing in terms of numbers (bums in the pews, dollars in the plate) it is easy to seem more and more like another social club. WHat happens when we focus on growing our faith?

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