Monday, July 31, 2006

Browser Issues

It appears that there is something about the template code that Firefox doesn't like or doesn't read well. A friend said that he put an IE tab in so that he could read the blog. Anyone else finding a problem? (Firefox puts up a white screen -- not header picture and no background--and so the white text doesn't really show up).

From the comments on the Blogger Template site it appears that the .png files are the issue.


  1. I'm getting the whole thing in Firefox, but it takes a long moment to load.

  2. Anonymous1/8/06 14:27

    I can't get it to come up on Firefox properly either. Very strange

  3. I can't get it at all on Firefox (Mac), but it comes up nicely on Safari.

  4. With my laptop in the shop, I can now say that your page loads beautifully in Firefox on my husband's laptop, but is a big mass of white on my kids' desktop, also using Firefox. I am puzzled. I also don't get the full affect of the RevGal blog on that computer. It's missing all the little graphics and the green banner on top.
    On the templates site, do they say there's anything to be done?

  5. NO solution offered, just a couple comments on how it wouldn't work with the newer versions of Firefox due to the .png files.