Sunday, July 09, 2006

Summer Weather Meme

Here it is, my 400th post--and it is a meme. Or at least it is one I am trying to start...

During the last 10 days we have had a whole bunch of weather. Thunderstorms, wind, blazing heat, coolness. Only thing missing is a tornado or so. Anyway, I thought a meme about summer weather felt good (also one of the prayers we are using in our July worship is a reflection on Summer Weather). Leave a note or link in the comments if you play...
  1. What is your idea of ideal summer weather?
  2. Thunderstorms: cool to watch or terrifying?
  3. Does anyone really care about the Humidex reading? Or is it just plain too freakin' hot?
  4. And what is a Humidex after all? Is it like a Rolodex?
  5. What is your favourite hot weather activity?
  6. Dog Days of Summer. What are they? Should our puppies get a parade or something?
  7. What was the worst Summer Storm you have been in?
  8. And of course, How's the weather where you are?

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