Sunday, July 09, 2006

My SUmmer Weather Answers

  1. What is your idea of ideal summer weather? Temperatures of 20-25 Celsius during the day. Nice rains from time to time. Nights that allow the house to cool down.
  2. Thunderstorms: cool to watch or terrifying? Definitely cool to watch, especially at night across the lake.
  3. Does anyone really care about the Humidex reading? Or is it just plain too freakin' hot? Just too plain hot (I feel the same about the wind chill in the winter).
  4. And what is a Humidex after all? Is it like a Rolodex? FOr that matter what is a Rolodex.
  5. What is your favourite hot weather activity? Something involving the shade, a good book, and relaxation.
  6. Dog Days of Summer. What are they? Should our puppies get a parade or something? Don't rightly know. But a parade sounds like fun.
  7. What was the worst Summer Storm you have been in? A tie I think. (1) As a teen ager we were driving from Chicago to Sarnia (Ontario) and passed through a massive rainstorm with purplish clouds and emergency vehicles on every overpass. Eventually we turned to a radio station and heard that the mall we had passed about 5 minutes previously had just been hit by a tornado. (2) The summer after Sarah was born we had a big hailstorm. Stones bigger than golf balls piling up like snowdrifts. I remember standing by the picture window watching the stones bounce off it while Patty was weell away from it holding Sarah and saying something about daddy being silly...
  8. And of course, How's the weather where you are? As I said above, it's been a mix. The last few days have been hot (around 30, Humidex of 33) but today might have made it to 18 if we were lucky. Heavy thunderstorm Friday night woke us up.

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  1. My answers:

    Ideal summer weather? Temperate enough to swim, without being blisteringly hot. No mosquitos in residence, either, thank you!

    Thunderstorms: cool or terrifying? Cool to me, as long as I'm not out in it. Terrifying to my cat.

    Care about the Humidex? We call it the "Heat Index" down here in the South, and no, I don't care. That's like saying. "It's so hot that your head will burst into flames, but it's okay -- it's a *dry* heat!" Hot is hot, no matter whether it's 105 or 108.

    What *is* a Humidex? Isn't that the blue liquid you use to clean windows? I imagine if that's the case, a rolodex would be blue liquid in a wheeled container of some sort.

    Fave hot weather activity? Swimming. Staying inside. Attempting to not self-immolate or combust.

    What are the Dog Days of Summer? Parades are not involved, but apparently satellite radio is. :) The dog days, if you don't know -- are all about the Dog Star, Sirius, being ascendant in the sky at this part of the year. "Sirius" is also a satellite radio provider, one I'm will to accept money from as a paid shill [ahem!]...

    My worst summer storm? Hurricane Floyd. Was poised to strike my area a few years ago as a direct hit from a category 4 storm. It would have been a New Orleans situation. We evacuated, and were stuck on the interstate, at a standstill for eight hours before turing around for home. we figured we'd be as dead at home as we would stuck in a car on the highway. Then Floyd veered at the last minute, and we were spared.

    How's my current weather? Hot, but cloudy looking. There's a line of thunderstorms moving in in the next 2-3 days from the Midwest, so at least it'll be somewhat cooler for us. High today was 92 F.