Monday, July 03, 2006

Observations at a funeral....

So I am doing this funeral on Saturday and two things occur to me. One profound, one not so much. (I'll let you decide which is the more profound one)

1) Why are they letting such young people take Grade 11 nowadays? (OK, so I graduated Grade 12 so long ago -1987 - that some of this year's grads weren't even born yet but still, alll of a sudden there are this fresh-faced children in Grade 11)

2) I am always awestruck by what some people can do at a family member's funeral. 3 teenaged (or maybe 20 year-old) grandchildren spoke at Saturdays funeral. I have also been to one where the deceased's two 19-21 year old sons spoke. I never could have done that. Yes I preached for my grandmother but I was 34 by then --- and used to public speaking. But as a teen? no freakin' way.


  1. More and more we are reminded that the offices of clergy are not what they used to be.

  2. I for one am delighted that younger people are brought into the funeral process. Although our culture as a whole seems to be avoiding the subject of death like the plague, so to speak, what you're witnessing is healthy. May it continue.

  3. I'll second what peter said.

    The new template looks great!

  4. I agree Peter. My amazement is more at the fact that thesee teens can actually do it. It is the same amazment I feel when a child does a eulogy for their parent (at any age). I just know there is no way I could do it.

  5. At the memorial for a husband and wife that I did last Friday, the couple's 17-year-old great grandson brought down the house!

    Love the new look, BTW.

  6. Holy Kalavela! Neat-oh new look, man! Hope you didn't lose half your archived posts like I did when I changed over...