Saturday, July 15, 2006

Oh I Wish, I Wish

This looks SSOOOOOOOOO nice right now. Of course I don't reallly fit into those pools these days. BUt the girls sure love it. Often we put the slide in so they can have a waterslide too. Unfortunately we are now on watering restrictions so no pool fun for a while...


  1. Anonymous15/7/06 21:30

    I think you'd fit in just fine....just kick out the little guys.

  2. I would enjoy sitting there today myself.

  3. Nope--we're going for the gusto in a few minutes: Lake Superior herself. With dogface to swim her tail off. Now, I know why i never want to live inland in Northwest Ont. Oh dear, did I make you jealous? {wry mischievous grin}