Sunday, July 30, 2006

And WE're Back

WAter-Balloon Volleyball on Carnival Night
And another week of camp has now come to a close.
IT was a good week. Good weather (well about 5 degrees cooler would have been nice). NO flu out break. ANd everyone had a good time.
Our theme this year was The Rainbow Connection, a look at covenant. We used the stories of Noah and the Rainbow(promise), Abraham and Sarah (trust), and the prophets (responsibility). For promise we did a MADD activity (music art drama and dance) and the music group actually wrote a chorus. For trust we did a game that led the groups through the story of Abraham and Sarah's journey -- and when you look at it, Abraham wasn't always too terribly trusting. THen for the prophets we made pencil cases for school children in Ecuador.
One of the great parts about our theme times this year was that we had a truly talented musician/teacher/pastor come to provide music leadership. She taught 4 songs to the group of campers in half-an-hour (I suspect it would have taken a similarly sized group of adults twice that long to start singing them as comfortably). Our eldest truly loved the music -- I had to sing her the songs each night as she was going to sleep.
A good week. A really good (and tiring -- 17 hour days) week. The funny thing is, I was so tired going into the week, but once things started my body went into camp mode and I wasn't nearly as draggy as I expected I would be (and had the weather been just that bit cooler I would have been even less) ther is just something about camp that refreshes me in body and spirit and the tiredness at the end is somehow a healthier tiredness than before I started.

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  1. Water-balloon volleyball --now THAT sounds fun!!

    I'm so glad that you had a good week Gord. And how great that Jill could join you and share her terrific ministry of music.