Tuesday, July 11, 2006

COvenant and Kids

Noah and the Rainbow, Abraham and Sarah, the Prophets. What do they have in common? They are the passages being used for theme time at camp this year. Our theme is about covenant.

COvenant, a hard concept for adults. So we will talk about promises and responsibility. WE will have a game where the campers have to make the choices faced by Abraham and Sarah. We will have a multi-arts day for Noah (music, art, dance, and drama). For the prophets we have a drama planned.

Covenant, promises, ways of living together. Who knows, maybe something we talk about in 2 weeks will filter back to the adults?


  1. Anonymous11/7/06 21:00

    only covenant is convenant of Islam with submitting to Allah

  2. Which is of course the equivalent of Christians insisting the JEsus the Christ is the only path to salvation, or Jews insisting that the covenant at Sinai was the final one...

    In the end such language gets us nowhere except trying to "prove" how wrong the other is.