Saturday, July 22, 2006


Soon to be gone. GOne to Camp that is.

THe plan is to be on the highway shortly after the end of worship tomorrow. THen back for wedding rehearsal and wedding next Friday/Saturday.

Camp starting and I am already tired.... See you in a week!


  1. Anonymous22/7/06 20:02

    Have a good week!

    Just so you know, I can't read your blog since you made the changes. I can cut and paste, which is how I read this entry.

    The whole screen is white with a white font. This is in Firefox.

    Are others having problems?

  2. NOt that they have mentioned (and Firefox is 25% of the browsers in my site meter stats). Hmmm...

  3. Actually one person did say that they were having problems shortly after the change (with one browser but not another) but I can't remember which browser was giving trouble.

  4. No problems here Gord.

    Have fun at camp!!