Thursday, July 13, 2006

If THey Only Knew...

Last night we watched an old video from camp (a compilation of the weekly videos made in 1997). ANd as we watched some of the goings on I couldn;t help but wonder:

If parents really knew what their kids were going to do and se at camp would they keep sending them?

I mean, these were things I participated in wholheartedly but wathching them I have to wonder...

ANd what is it with pre-teen boys doing a fashion show that it almost always degenerates into some sort of an imitaion striptease????


  1. My limited experience of camp (from my summer internship) was that the evening entertainment usually degenerated into the jr.counselors doing some really interesting cross-dressing. This was a part of camp I had not anticipated :)

    That, and the rocks in my bed.

  2. Oh Yes Sue, there are existing pictures of me in full cross-dressing get-up (actualy the toenail polish stayed on fro a whole week one-time -- I forgot to revmove it when I borrowed the remover). Given the chance, young girls always found it far more enjoyable to dress up a male leader than their own, female, counsellor.

  3. I think about this too. Will I be able to let my kids go to camps and sleepovers knowing that the things we did and talked about were, even though not horrible, not the best influence on even good kids?