Friday, September 01, 2006

Friday 5 on Driving

Big gentle hugs, soft pillows and heating pads to Will Smama, our resident matriarch and preacher/blogger/procrastinator who was involved in a bit of a fender-bender this week. We're very grateful she's OK, just a little shaken up...In lieu of flowers, I send this Friday Five out to her. Let's all be careful on those roadways.
1. Driving: an enjoyable way to clear the mind? a means to an end? a chance to be quiet with one's thoughts? a necessary evil? the downfall of our planet and its fossil fuels? Discuss. No, yes, sort of, yes, partly. I find driving tiring, not relaxing so really it is a means to an ends for me.
2. Do you drive the speed limit? A little faster? Slower? Have you ever gotten a ticket? Generally a little above, but not usually as fast as the rest of the traffic on the highway. In town, at or slightly below the limit as a rule. 2 tickets: one photo radar, one in person--both before I moved East.
3. Do you take public transportation? When? What's your opinion of the experience? Living in an area with NO (in town) public transport the annswer would be no. When doing my undergrad I relied exclusively on the bus and that was good.
4. Complete this sentence: _____________ has the worst drivers I've ever experienced. My home province, both in the city and on the highway. Not so much bad as aggressive and always in a rush (what do yellow lights mean again?)
5. According to the Census Bureau, reverendmother's fair city has the 6th longest average commute in the United States at 29 minutes each way. How does your personal commute rate? What commute? THe manse is across the parking lot from the church.
Bonus for the brutally honest: It has been said, and the MythBusters have confirmed, that cell phones can impede driving ability almost as much as drinking. Do you talk on a cell phone while driving? Nope. We have only had a cell for a month mind you...

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