Saturday, September 16, 2006

Role Confusion

When is a leader not to lead?

When you are in paid ministry of course. WE have the challenge of being in leadership positions but called to let others chart the course and vision. But we are also called to share a vision, to provide a steering hand on the rudder, to be visionkeepers. We have to lead from the middle, to know when it is time to stand out front yelling "Follow me!" and when to facilitate the work of others who are out in front.

This was a topic of discussion during my retreat last month. IT also comes to mind as I consider the morning's sermon. A sermon where I plan to ask the question How viable and vital are we as a congregation? and the follow-up How do we increase our viability and vitality?. In such questions leadership and vision are crucial. But then there is the balance that it is NOT just me that has to provide the answers. In fact it is not mainly me.

Sometimes I wish that I did run the church, well almost. Then I wake-up and realize that I can daily thank God that I don't.


  1. Hi Gord!

    I have a question, but it's not about your post, mostly because I haven't been able to read it.

    On my old computer, your blog came up perfectly with the green background and nice new template. However, on the new computer, everything is white. Both the background and the lettering is white, therefore I can see very little.

    the pictures are fine, and the "comment" button is in orange. I know it's not a problem on your end of things, but do you know anything about blogger? I've looked in their blogger help section to no avail.

    Anyone else with ideas??

    (yours is the only blog I've had this problem with, which is why I am asking you - besides, you're just smarter than I am.)

  2. It appears that the Firefox problem is becoming more of an issue (as more people start using newer versions of the browser). ANyone out there have a suggestion of an easy fix? (either from this end or for Firefox users to do)

    When I have time I may change the template...

  3. The highlighting worked just fine Gord. Thanks.