Monday, September 18, 2006

THis could eat up HOURS

I was just asked to do morning prayer at our Presbytery meeting this weekend ( as a late replacement).

I decided that I would use PowerPoint for one of the hymns (since it is in a yet-to-be released hymn book supplement, luckily the composer will be there to teach it). Then as I was working on that I decided to do the whole service on PowerPoint. Kept it simple since I have never played with the program before. But I can easily see how doing that regularly could eat up loads and loads of time.

FUn, but still...lots of time to play and get it "just right"

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  1. This sounds great Gord! I was already looking forward to Presbytery (I know - that sounds odd coming from me. But I really am!) and now I am especially looking forward to Morning Prayer.

    See you on the weekend!

    Are Patty and the girls coming along??