Thursday, November 16, 2006

CHeck this out...

I love parodies. I love satire. ANd so I liked these 3 ads. PArodies of both teh Mac/PC ads and of "what does it mean to be Christian" discussions.

Of course if parody and satire are not your bag, you may be less impressed.


  1. I grew up on satire and parody and lampoon, and I think these are subtle masterpieces, because what is actually being parodied isn't immediately obvious (though, judging from the responses to the pieces in the blog you directed us to, a lot of people think they "get" the point, when they probably don't...).

    I was reminded again how religious culture, and not theology, is often the real flashpoint between believers.

  2. THis is true Peter. I love well done satire--I can still remember the first time I read A Modest Proposal by Jonathon Swift. I loved it. Some of my classmates didn't get it, even after the concept of satire was explained.

  3. I love these videos.