Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Look for the Squirrel!

As a part of the United Church of Canada Emerging Spirit campaign they have launched (today) WonderCafe

Go take a look. It includes a discussion lounge, a look at the magazine ads that will be put out (a great one for Christmas involving Jesus and a "Santa throne") and the E-Z Answer squirrel. I won't explain the last one--watch the video and find out.

ADD: Here is a story on the campaign from one of our leading national newspapers. THere are comment on the story too.


  1. I am impressed. I think the ads are just edgy enough and topical enough to catch people's attention, and the web site is looking really good.

    And I'm lovin' me some squirrel.

  2. Wow. Some of those comments are pretty harsh, yes?

  3. Harsh indeed. And some are a little ill-informed too.

  4. Anonymous7/11/06 17:03

    Wow. When I linked to the story earlier today it was quiet.

    The comments are interesting to say the least.
    Would be cool if readers went to the website. If they can figure out a way to comment at the Globe and Mail, they can find the site.

    Bene D

  5. THat of course is the hope Bene, that people get intrigued and visit the site.

    And, judging by the amount of activity in the Discussion Lounge a lot of people have done that. AN incredible amount of posting for a site whose public launch was less than 24 hours ago--a cover story in the Globe probably didn't hurt though.