Sunday, November 19, 2006

Lurking and Delurking

Regarding the idea of the previous post. I wonder how much the idea of a de-lurking week is just a way for us bloggers to assuage our self-esteem with the knowledge that there is actually someone reading these things.

Lurkers are a part of the cyber-world. it is that simple. In fact they are likely the larger part of the cyberworld at times. ONe of the benefits of cyber-community is that we can be a wallflower and not be seen. If I could have been an observer and not be observed/singled out I think I would have enjoyed my adolescence much much more.

But one of the things that makes cyber-community more pseudo-community is the chance to be a wall-flower and not be seen. The wallflower at the dance may remain firmly planted but is still seen, there to possibly be drawn out -- if someone takes the chance to try it. Maybe a de-lurking week is that chance to do that drawing out. MAybe it is the cyber equivalent of a "snowball" dance. And that can be a good thing. ANd unlike the snowball where people often get dragged on to the floor, there is still the choice here. WE can declare "NO Lurking" all we want and people will still lurk if they so desire.

OR then again, maybe it is an ego boost after all...


  1. Well, I don't mind being the first to delurk.. :)

  2. Who cares? It's just fun ~ so happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Sound of TARDIS materializing...

  4. I clearly don't lurk here. I hang around like a bad rash you can't rid of.....~grin~

  5. Okay throw some water on the thing. Are you saying by chance that you are a wallflower or that your ego needs the pat on the back?
    Any hoo, delurking as this moment, may go back to lurking againas an unwallflower, but one never invited to the dance, is that the snowball?

    Happy thanksgiving!!

  6. I suppose that if you know I read this blog, I qualify as a wallflower not a lurker!


  7. Actually, I've been using it as an opportunity to say "Thanks" too. I find time to read much of the time, but commenting is very time consuming!

    Two things: I've been meaning to tell you that I love your new look (or I might have done it already, I have a bad memory....)

    Second: I enjoy all the interesting tid-bits. You always have something interesting to look at/read/play with like videos, quizzes and news-stuff. There are certain blogs that I go to for those little tid-bits and yours always has something good.


  8. THanks All.

    revabi--I was and am an inveterate wallflower. Well maybe not as bad now aas 20 years ago but still...
    and I think we could all use an ego boost now and then--isn't that the purpose of site meter after all?

  9. and reverend mommy has me blushing.

  10. hey! just commenting to say hi!
    i still come by and read!